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April 14, 2008



Well, at least this season is over with. With everything that's happened, not only overseas but locally, my interest in this show has been sporadic at best. This last episode seemed...more scripted than usual.

I figure Rosa will get a 'consolation prize' out of this. But I feel cheated that Stuntman 'won' (no offense, Stuntman).

Simoon, Hardhat & Cobalt.....gone, just like that. I can hardly believe it.

I hope someone out there has good news to post here.


Well on the maybe good news.. the Sudanese government didn't seem to say anything more about captured foreign invaders. My guess is that the death of both the Caliph and Djinn and then the turn-over of the Egyptian strongman made them rethink what to do next.

I actually couldn't see the show.. it was pre-empted with the saving of the UN chief by the British and the Hague coverage.. Uncle Eddie will be peeved.. he felt that Rosa should have gotten it hands down. The CNN talking heads were going over that it might not get renewed next season because the last couple of weeks ratings were so low... or it will show up in a different format with less voting off as that seemed to cause the most viewer drops.. who knows. I still think Uncle Eddies' idea was the best.. make it like Iron Chef... that weeks joker/ace/nat chooses one of the great heroes and then the 'evil' leader lays out that week's challenge. [And Mom's got it optioned so it might happen.]

Bookwyrm, I am glad you are feeling better. Emily's picture should be in the mail. I don't know if it will look as good as it does there.. we have no idea if her special parts of paintings has a 'range' or not. If it shows up as crayons, you should get a better viewing when you come down sometime.

Mom got a new tutor.. turns out that one of the guys in the Joker VFW is a former teacher. Got eyes in the back of his head and can't teach in a normal school so Mom's going to give him a try.

Radio Free Alicia

All right, we're finally back in communication. We tried to put some space between us and the mysterious horseman. We made sure the refugees got to a Canadian camp on the border with Chad; they're being set up with visas as we speak.

BlackBox, I'm sorry to hear about the meat, man. Once you get fixed up, maybe we could meet up to talk about it. You seem like someone who knows his stuff, and maybe we could get up our own news bu


Brownsville  Barbarian

Hey there you stick-up-your-ass diplomat types!

I've posted this on a dozen forums so I hope one of you reads it. This is the Brownsville Barbarian. Me, El Tejon, Mr. Toad, Mr. Mole, Ratty, and my good friend Hell on Wheels have pretty much been responsible for everything bad happening with Miss Angies mission. And by bad I mean we actually got humanitarrian shit done that you assholes in the UN and the EU would never do becaue your pussies. So dont try to arrest Angie or Laurie when they come back to the states because they had good intentions and wanted to do something good. They just didnt know how bad you got to be to make good stick in the world!

Hey you headless horseman bastard you better get your ass back to Khartoum if you want to save your leaders worthless life. You know the names Omar Hassan al bashir, salva kir and Alli Osman Taha? Well we got them sitting in the Sudan parlement building and theyre not real happy to have guns pointed at there faces. You can either surrender or try to rescue them but Ill tell you well shoot before your first ghost horse touches us. As for the Sudan army youd better surrender if you want these assholes to stay alive

--Yours truly,


Thanks, & thank your sister for me. I look forward to seeing her work.

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