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April 07, 2008



That was so unexpected. I thought for sure Curveball had it sewn up.


Hehehe. I am not so sure that American Hero is going to own up on who really got voted out.. but they forgot to patch some of their servers [again] so expect the raw video to hit YouTube later this week.





When my friend who works on the show told me this was going to happen I thought it was some weird April Fools joke! This is complete BS. To anyone who thought this show was real, sorry, it's a complete fake. Rosa was voted off. But then Curveball QUIT, and the losers who run this circus didn't have their golden girl, so they just pretended she'd been voted off, and Rosa won.

Stuntman is on because he lied about Rusty, and now Rosa is on because the show lied about Curveball.


Or, maybe Curveball is the real American Hero. She saw this pack of stuffed shirts for who they really were, and she threw their crap back in their faces and walked away like any decent person would.

Curveball, honey, come home. Your people know who the real hero is.


Seattle's Best... your friend told no lies.. The vids should be on the torrents and tubes by this afternoon. I was just reviewing the infrared cameras they had in the bedrooms. I am guessing the Suits have an XXX DVD package ready of uncensored moments later on.


I will be d*mn surprised if Stuntman wins this insanity.


Can they do that? Can they really lie about it like that? Or is this another publicity stunt to get ratings?


I've been waiting all season to hear what King Cobalt had to say! I mean, c'mon, he's a luchador Ace, and how much cooler could you be, unless he was a robot-pirate-ninja-luchador-Ace? So where's his Confessional?

I cry shenanigans. Of course, this whole season's been nothing but shenanigans. Meh.

Next season, I'm totally auditioning.

PG Tips

Oh you Yanks. Don't you know how the reality telly script goes? You have an expected outcome, then you throw a twist.

I was just in Heathrow and saw a pile of your aces, Pretty Miss Curveball among them, off to some secret challenge, which I'm guessing is part of a bloody cross-promotion so they can get European Hero off the ground next year for SkyOne. You can't have the BitTorrent spikes going across the pond like that without some network ponce taking notice and being honour-bound to cash in.

Of course I only saw her briefly, but she was followed by a huge man in a Mexican wrestling mask, the fattest woman on legs, and a bloody clanking knight in armor, so who could it be?

Your bloody Rustbelt mucked up the baggage handling system while he was at it too, so if you want to know who's to blame for the cock-up in Heathrow, blame him. I wouldn't want to be the SkyOne solicitors right now.

Trust me, they'll muddle around and figure out whether to toss Stuntman or Rosa and her ridiculous cards, then send the "winner" off to London to face Curveball or whatever other ace from your Discard Pile wins the secret European challenge. The nonsense about leaked YouTube videos is just that, nonsense.

Not that I won't be watching. It's good telly and I'm looking forward to European Hero when they get it on the air.


Oooooh PG Tips in its Pyramid shaped teabags... I need to add that to my caffeine page. The best thing about the pyramids is that they are good between jaw and gum on those late night hacks.

Oh Tips... I thought there was a Heroes show already in ITV two or three years ago. All American shows (Big Brother, Survivor, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire) and games (Sudoku,etc) all come from England first. Its tradition like Father Christmas.


PG Tips, I don't think that they were there to promote "Eurpoean Hero", you saw King Cobalt, Bubbles & Lohengrin. I think --- holy crap! I think I know where they went! The news is going crazy about the events in Egypt & they're saying that a group of aces have linked up with the anti-Caliphate forces, being led by John Fortune.

Oh. My. God.

It's official, the feces has fully impacted the atmospheric conveyor.

PG Tips

Oh, true enough. But I'm talking about European Hero.

That other one with the five chavs in London was a considerably lower budget affair and certainly not for a million quid. I forget what the proper name was, but what everyone down at the pub called it was "Four Aces, Joker High." Entertaining enough, but trust you Yanks to blow it up and make it truly garish. Rather like Father Christmas.

We're all wondering what "twists" they're going to make with American Hero. Joker Plague is already in Europe, and Mick the old grey wolf will probably show up at Wembley for a "surprise" appearance with DB and the rest. Not that I expect Rustbelt will get much cheering after the way he's buggered the bags at Heathrow.

PG Tips


No, I know what I saw and I know it wasn't Lohengrin. He's been all over the BBC, but mostly old footage.

I'm pretty certain this was Rustbelt.

Unless Lohengrin's now got the power to teleport and rust baggage lifts, in which case he's Germany's worst PR disaster since the Blitz.

As for John Fortune, all I can turn up on the web are old issues of People and nutter sites saying he's the AntiChrist. He's in Egypt too? The nutters are going to have a field day with that.


If what BookWyrm's saying is true... makes sense. I know a lot of the nats are still following the show with baited breath, but most of the aces I know are pretty much over it. Makes sense the producers would put their hands over their ears and say "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" when something happens that conflicts with their basic understanding of reality.

I'm gonna be keeping an eye on Egypt. Good luck to the forces out there. Give the Caliph shit for me.

Gotta wonder where Peregrine stands on this. Even when she was hosting that talk show, she still went out and fought when needed -- usually with nothing more than a set of wings and some Freddy Krueger-style claws. Is she going to help keep the bullshit coming, or is she going to spill the truth, whatever it may be?


PG Tips: That may have been Rustbelt. I don't know.

As far as more info on John Fortune, the media may have spiked it after the 'incident', most likely as a favor to his famous mom. Check out some of my earlier posts on this site for an idea what happened.

Catalhoyuk: I don't know what Peregrin's going to do. If she does do a full disclosure, it may be the exclusive of the millenium.
And if the fates are truly kind, Digger Downs won't be anywhere nearby--preferably on the moon.


I know aces and jokers watch this show. I know it, I was one of them.

My God. Well, hell, I tried. I wasn't sure what I could do for the followers of the Living Gods other than maybe slow down the Egyptian Army while maybe they spilled over to the Sudan--out of the frying pan into the fire, since the northern Sudan's about as bugnuts Islamo-Fascist as the Caliphate is. The Sudan would be part of the Caliphate, but the truth is the Arabs didn't want to add all those blacks to its population. That's the truth. I've been to Kharthoum before, and I've seen it before.

I'm a little, um, effed up mentally right now. I tried doing the migration thing I mentioned in an earlier post. I overshot. I'm in southern Kenya right now. The whole African continent's in an uproar, but I don't know how much of that's making it onto the U.S. news. There are Christian-Muslim-animist riots all over Nigeria. The Muslims in Kenya have gone after the Mombassa jokers. Or rather, they did. I'm an acessory, I guess, to the murder of nearly 200 Muslim irregulars. I swear, I swear to God, I had no idea the jokers would...do what they did to those guys after I'd immobilized them. I just...I...

Is anybody out there a teleporter? We need help here in Kenya.

PG Tips

I believe Cleopatra is a teleporter, and according to DB, she knows the way to Timbuktu. Of course that's Mali, not Kenya, and may just be a figure of speech. It's probably beside the point anyway. I can't picture her going anywhere near a riot unless it was for the latest Prada.

How did you get there, and can't you get out the same way?

I'm sorry I can't offer any better help. I'm just a nat in Brighton with a good internet connection.


Doppleganger -- I don't know any teleporters off-hand, so I can't help you out there. It's a horrible shame what's going on in Africa. Most of our brothers and sisters have let their suspicions get the better of them and forgotten the benevolence of Allah. They're just as bad as the extremists that backed the Nur al-Allah (and how presumptuous is that, to claim your power lets you speak for Allah? Muhammad, pbuh, was the last prophet touched by Allah, and the wild card does not change that).

If the violence is as wide-spread as Doppleganger says, I'd be willing to lend a hand. I'd be good for recon and rescue: I can climb a smooth wall, run vertically for short distances, leap across tall buildings in a single bound, and am a bit stronger, tougher, and quicker than the average man. Oh, and I can talk to cities. No, I don't have conversations with them, I can just read them and know what's going on anywhere in the town.

One problem: I get my power from cities. The bigger they are, the stronger the power. I'd be useless in the desert, but if there's turmoil still raging in Cairo, or violence in Khartoum or Tripoli... well, I'll be there. Just let me know if anyone's getting together for the world's worst field trip.


Hi there, guys.. the news is just gone crazy. There was some shootings in Phillie this morning with some guys from Shamokin scammed with that "1 for 5 million" email scam. It was right outside Mom's offices.. I think a couple of jokers were winged and then some Ace froze the guys (literally). They got thawed out and are in jail.. but people are really tense..

Mom came home last night and talked with Eddie for most of the night. I think the facts of the news and everything, she had been thinking hard about things. Anyway, Eddie been calling people all night, and a lot of guys from his unit have been showing up all morning. And a bus just showed up.


Got some of the videos up for your viewing pleasure. I will get the rest after I deal with Eddie's stuff. I couldn't get a plane to Egypt.. after that last one with those Aces.. everything that isnt chartered is off and even those are getting inspected. A boat is too slow and all the guys with teleport powers are 'busy' or had some watch on them when I looked through some databases.

Oh Bookwyrm. I got some info on that Darwin guy, Eddie asked about. He is still alive, but goes on walk-about a lot so and for a far bit (or something the guy in Perth told me). He was in Perth last week, but wandered off saying something about the Rock calling him. That could be that big red rock in all the Postcards.. or some other rock. If I find anything else, I will see what I can do. And don't worry too much about travel.. getting to Australia is a lot easier :).


BlackBox: Thanks. The 'big red rock in all those pictures' is Aryes Rock, said to be where those in tune with 'The Dreamtime' can enter it (I don't know, even with my 20+ years as a 'Card, I've seen & heard weirder stuff), but I'm doing better nowadays. MY feet are still down to two toes on each, but at least they're not raptor-ish & no claws (my mom hates it when my talons would tear up the linoleum & living room rug).


Hehe I understand. I live currently in my families basement (its cool and is close to the wires so I can just plug in directly)... and the more I code.. the more I uhm reek (smells like the magic smoke inside computers... pungent and eye watering). So if I don't clean out the filters once a week.. boy do I get it. Which reminds me.. I think I need to unplug later today and do that.

And to anyone asking.. I am paying for my rent (paid off my parents mortgage two years ago.. legitimately too).. its just that Mom's cooking is good and the house is real near a major hub so getting an OC-3 into the house was comparatively cheap. Plus Mom and Dad don't get too worried if I have a dozen wires stuck in me and haven't moved for 2 or 3 days.


Oh and BookWyrm.. here is something I learned from Eddie in the military.. jumbo erasers. He sticks them on his foot claws when he was visiting people .. Keeps the linoleum from tearing up. Nothing like visiting some person whose house got shot by snipers and you tear up their floor to boot... so Eddie had to figure out what worked and didn't. Some squeeked like crazy.. others just wore out too quickly. I think he found this pink brand he swore by.


BlackBox -- So there's no way to get into Africa now? Great. I knew I should've acted earlier.

Or at least I shouldn't have thrown out the number of that nurse at the Jokertown Clinic, the one who kept talking about how she could always go to London for the afternoon. Crap, what was her name...?


BlackBox: Thanks (I'll have to say the same to Dino when he gets back) about the jumbo erasers. Made me smile. I'll remember that before the next time I get home after 'hunting'.


Inside the warehouse, the three would-be heroes faced an obstacle course. They've traversed courses like this before, but this one had a twist: not all the obstacles were physical. In one phase of the course, the contestants faced three doors. Only one led to the hostage. A riddle written on each door gave the clue to the correct path.

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