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April 08, 2008



Glad to hear at least one person on this show still has a good head on their shoulders. Good for you Jerusha. Sorry to hear about the garden.


I thought so. The other contestants took off for Egypt. Damn.

My prayers and sympathies are with them. As was discussed in the last post, I'm still willing to put together an effort to organize those who want to stop the turmoil that's erupted in other parts of Africa following the Nur's assassination -- ace, joker, or nat; if you're willing to help, you're welcome. It's probably a pipe dream, but come on, people. We're aces. If there's anything this show's been about, it's that we can do anything.

And Jerusha... best of luck in all your future endeavors. It's good to see that fame hasn't gone to your head.


Hi guys

Uncle Eddie came in a short while with some guys I hadn't seen with before. Mom and them have gone into a room and seem to be talking about some stuff. One of the guys looks like a picture in Eddie's mantel, a captain or something.. looks like a bunch of gravel moving around. I would say there are about 40 guys outside.. Harry just yelled in that some guy is making them do exercises.. and telling some to get in one line or another.

Will give you guys more info as it goes.


Well Mom's personal assisstant just came in with a couple of paperbags and some papers for Mom to sign. And some guys in a black Humvee or something just drove up and are putting things in the back of the Bus.. Its funny, I am supposed to be going to be in home school, but the tutor is watching the new TV about some battles in Egypt, Sudan, Kenya.. its hard not to see a country where somethings not happening.

Emily is sitting next to me drawing pictures that are showing a bunch of knights riding into darkness.. and Harry is running around outside helping people load stuff into this bus. [Helping since he was told to be useful or go play with the rest of the kiddies by some old gruff wolf head.]


Mom's assistant handed one of the paperbags to the guys in the Humvee, and they have left. And she has come and told that me and Emily need to get out of our PJ's and have some lunch. Emily asked if we could have breakfast instead since she didn't have that. [Ooops its 2pm already?]

And we are back. Debra (the PA.. I didn't know it until we had our 12 afternoon breakfast). has sent the tutor home and Emily and her are watching Tellie-tubbies on the tube as she calls it. She says I have 10 more minutes of computer time and then I need to do something productive. Harry is taking a nap.. he said they have been packing boxes, tents, rations, etc in the back of the bus. The barking guy who was making all the old guys do exercises has sent a bunch home. I think we are down to 10 or 12 guys.. out in the workshop right now.

Uncle Eddie, Mom and the other guys are still in the room. Debra told us not to bother them, but to get her or them if a VW bus shows up.

Oh and Bookwyrm.. thanks for the book stuff. Uncle Eddie got me to read the first one this weekend and while it wasn't Tolkien.. it did grab my attention. I think I will use it for my book report this week. (If we have any classes).


Glad to have helped out, QoS. Keep searching for it, there's a chance it may be online as a PDF file.

Tell your Uncle Charlie he's in my well-wishes, as is your whole family.

I've got an appointment at the Jokertown Clinic this Saturday, & my girlfriend is going with me (who've thought, a guy like me at my age with a girlfriend! *rolleyes*)


Hi Bookwyrm..

I thought you were married :).. otherwise.. [hehe if Uncle Eddie reads this later :P]


So its been pretty crazy here. Some more guys in black vans showed up and there was some arguing going on.. and Uncle Eddie and Captain Gravel came out and talked with the guys in dark glasses for a while. Then Uncle Eddie came in and asked me not to blog every 2 minutes of whats going on or he wouldnt let me keep his laptop when he took off.

So anyway some car drove up after a while and this tall balding white guy got out and everyone went back inside to the den and Harry and I spent the afternoon reshelving books with Debra since we weren't allowed to listen at the door. Around 4:30pm, this old VW bus comes in and this really strange guy got out.. looked like Dennis Hopper or Christopher Walken with even more intense eyes. He got escorted in and then the tall thin guy who came earlier walked out and dismissed the rest of the black cars.

Debra says we have to start making food to feed 20 people or so.. I hope they like my spaghetti. Harry is out cleaning the horse stalls to try and find out what the guys in fatigues are doing.


QoS: Sorry to burst your bubble, I'm a confirmed bachelor. I'm lucky to have her, as she reminds me (LOL).

Tell your Uncle Dino I wish him good luck.


They just left... we all ate dinner and no one got food poisoning (yet).... It turns out the first guest (Sunglasses is what I will call him because I don't know his real name) was just to make sure that we didn't do anything that got anyone in trouble. He was a great gentleman and complimented me on my cooking, but told me that blogging is not the best way to keep secrets.

The second guy is some old hippy who calls himself HappySpaceMan. He is some ex-Marine who took up meditation after Vietnam. He can move things from one place to another... the big issue is he has to meditate and 'see' where they are going before they can get there. So he went off and sat on the hood of the bus for a while.

After dinner, Eddie said good bye to us all, and told us to listen to Mom and if we didn't we would here it from him when he got back. Then he got on the bus and pulled out Emily from some bag and told her to be good. Then all the guys, but Sunglasses put on life vests, got on the bus and we went inside. Good thing too because the bus didn't just 'pop' out of existence but 'busted the front windows' out of there. Mom says that if all went well they should be somewhere in Cuba. Then they are going to South America and hopefully Africa. The best they can do is probably 2 or 3 hops a day.. so they won't be in Egypt til Friday (if they make it that far).

Sunglasses helped clean up a bit, said "You should always be proud of your Uncle, he embodies a lot of what America stands for." and drove off (he is going to need new windows on the car.. I guess thats between him and the rental). I know it sounds corny, but it didn't feel that way when he said it.

If we hear from Uncle Eddie I will update the post. Mom says they'll be ok, and will stay in contact. They have a satellite phone and lots of supplies. But she is also upstairs having a good cry so I don't know whats up.

Anyway.. I have been up for close to 24 hours so I am going to go crash. Debra is making sure of it as I type this..


Oh and Gardener... Debra says she loved the little flowers you had in the back.. they reminded of her of something that grew in England and she hadn't seen in years. Snowdrops or something.. she says "Thank you because it made her smile to see it on a webcam after a bad day" and hopes you can find something to do in the future that helps people grow as much as plants do.

And now she says "Say Goodnight Gracie" which makes no sense.. but ok.


BookWyrm, ok color me confused.. but from what Eddie has been saying I thought you were a female. Then again Eddie has never been good at keeping "human" sexes apart if he can't smell them (something about the card warping his chromosomes or something) Of course if he can smell a person, he remembers them for life...

Well from one confirmed bachelor to another... be happy about what you got and make sure ya keep her happy.



If the offer is genuine, I think we have a bunch of the Joker's Brigade who are looking to catch up with Eddie's group or something. It like re-union work because I got calls and emails all day. Most of the guys and gals are used to Peace Keeping duties having done it in the past. You know the drill.. get in between the two sides and keep them from killing each other and you. Sometimes that means you have to bust some heads and sometimes you have to freeze people and then get them to eat bread with each other.

If Eddie's group gets across the Atlantic, they will see if they can get in touch with you on Thursday.


Oh Catalhoyuk,

I got a couple of emails from some South African Aces I knew from the 90's. They are looking to get a group together to go up to Kenya.. one of them is an "Indian" muslim and the other is a Zulu warrior. They are looking for transportation and 'visas'.

By the way, you any relation to that Turkish ace who could summon lightning? She looked like one of those old bronze age statues which is why I think she took the name.

Angie F.

Wow. This place is amazingly sane compared to the other wild card forums online. There's nothing on those but cries for muslim blood or maybe just nat blood in general

This is Angela Forrester, I had the misfortune of being in the media spotlite a few years back. Maybe you all don't remember it and thats just as well. I know Doppleganger personally and wasnt exactly surprised when he winged his way to Africa. But it sounds like hes in the middle of a war zone. I think he must have been posting from a laptop in Mobassa somewhere

I dont know whats happening in Kenya but it sounds like the Living Gods are all headed south. If the muslims catch them there it will be the biggest mass murder of jokers since the rox.

I dont' think an obvious joker like me could get into a muslim country right now but I'm an ace too, the same kind of ace as jetman. Ive been thinking about something shaped like the stealth bomber plane for two years now. Maybe its time I build it.

If any others want to throw in with me send me an email at my web site ladyskunkworks.com. Its past time we fought back and not in a terrorist way like the Black Dog.

-Angie Forrester,
Ann Arbor, MI


BlackBox: No offense taken. I've actualy been called worse. The wildest was my own mother believed I was gay because I hadn't started dating for very long.
And believe me, I am doing my d*mnedest to keep my GF happy as humanly possible.

Ms. Foster: Sorry, I can't say I have heard of you, but then I could say the same about a lot of fellow Wild Cards.

Well, I'm off for the night. Job interview tomorrow. My prayers & well-wishes are with everyone heading over to the conflict zone & thier families.


Hi Guys, Charlie here..

Note to future bloggers. If you are witnessing a bunch of shady people putting stuff in a bus, and then a bus disappearing and windows shattering... and your family was trying to keep it secret.. don't go blog about.

So first we had the police show up and then the neighbors wanting to know who was going to pay for their cracked windows (we are, and the window people are scheduled to come out real soon.. so please quit calling Mrs Brewer). Then the ATF showed up and did a big spectacle of going over the place looking for weapons or something. And then the local news people showed up and video taped it all... Now we have people showing up volunteering to go to Africa.. or dropping off stuff to go to Africa.. Thankfully a couple of Uncle Eddie's friends at the Jokers Aces and Deuces of American Foreign Wars (or something) came by and are helping to keep people from shooting guns off or anything..

So Mom told me to ask people who might be reading this to please wait... she is working on getting the Red Cross or something here to take the existing pile of donations.. We do not have any or know any teleporters who can take people to Africa. The fellow who came was an old Marine that Uncle Eddie knew from Jokers and Aces Veterans of Foreign Wars and that was it.

Oh dear Harry says someone who looks like the Philly Fanatic has shown up... and more TV crews.



I know the family is confusing especially because Eddie forgets our names... My name is Charlie (Charlotte) and I am [XX] years old. My brother is Harry (Harold) and he is [XX] years old. My youngest sister is Emily. She is a joker and Harry and me are latents (long story for some other time). Uncle Eddie is the guy headed off to war. And I see Eddie had BlackBox upgrade the filtering when he left me the laptop. {{:P


Ms Forrester,

Are you the joker who was featured on Discovery Channel a while back who built the sub out of trash cans or soemthing that rescued some people from some lake (google says Lake St Clair... but not sure). I think that was it.. it was pretty cool looking at your workshop. Emily really liked the hologram stuff you were doing with old radios or something. [And since we all know that TV jazzes it up.. it was probably over-stated and probably used something else :)]

I hope your friend is able to survive. The reason we don't call for blood is that Uncle Eddie once took us out to see what war was really like. Harry had been going off about how great it must be to fight etc etc... you know boys stuff.. and so Uncle Eddie took us down to the VA hospital and showed us what happens to lots of people after a war.. insanity, lost limbs, the same haunted looks. And he then told us about all the guys who didn't come back. Harry quieted down after seeing that...


BlackBox -- Thank you. Remember, my powers don't quite work outside of cities, but I know how to fire a gun.

And no, I'm not related to the Turkish lightning thrower. My parents left Syria when the Nur rose to power; they knew that once he was done targeting the Jokers, he'd probably come after the Sufis. I took the name because my power's tied to cities. The cities give me power, and in turn, I serve as their custodian. Catalhoyuk was the first human city, the first mass congregation of humans into something of power and influence settled in one location.

Angie -- We'd appreciate it if you could lend a hand. If your power is what you say it is, there's always a chance you could go around legal channels, and if not, well, never underestimate the value of a good burka.



Thanks for the clarification. I know your Uncle Eddie is the one off to war, and yes, I too get you & your siblings a little mixed up. That's just the way I am. I'm usually better at it when I see faces to connect to the names.
Thank BlackBox on my behalf for upgrading your laptop. I use my own desktop for the majority of web-surfing, but I leave the laptop at home (misplaced it once & recovered it, so I leave it). Give your sister Emily a hug from me for thanks about the picture she drew of me from my description. I don't know if I'll be able to see it anytime soon, but the guesture is very appreciated.

Well, off to my interview!


Salaam and Greetings Catalhoyuk,

I understand the needing to move, we were 'protecting' a Sufi refugee camp in the mid 1990's... I started my journey of Peace after a lady there read to us some of the Masnavi. I found out the lady Catalhoyuk died in 2004 during one of the 'Infidel purges'.... looking too much like a Pagan goddess.

If you know some burka's in East Africa.. it might be needed. The teleporter Eddie's group has does real well North South.. but going East West he can land them anywhere from Morocco to Liberia. Or the ocean...


BlackBox -- That sucks about the other Catalhoyuk. I can't believe there are idiots out there who think that a mere statue or representation of some other faith is a great threat to Allah (like those idiots out in Afghanistan who blew up the Buddha statues -- mind you, that lost some of its impact when that Buddhist ace Dicang managed to put them back together). Let others have their beliefs; Allah is not so weak that he is threatened by other ways of thinking.

As for the burkas, my mother's friends with a tailor who caters to North African immigrants, especially the women. I'll see if I can pick any up before we make the connection.



I think it was written by a Sufi Saint.. There are many ways to Allah.. we are each given a different path by Allah, who are we to judge Allah's wisdom? The events that the old and new Caliph are Hirabah to my mind. [Or at least I think it is.. I haven't learned Arabic that well.. ]

Actually, the more I look at whats going on.. this all stinks of an Intel mission gone wrong. Like Iran in 1980 or Tunisia in the 60's. Someone blooped it and its all gone out of control. My guess is that its the Russians looking to get a lock on the Oil market (I mean look at the price of a barrel after the Caliph's murder?!?)... but for all I know it could be France, Britain, or the good old USA.

I am not going to go look either... its a lot different posting videos from the Limo cam of Rusty melting Berman's car (hint q1q1q1a1 is not a good password guys) than going to find out if some intelligence agency is screwing up.

Angie F.


Yes, that was all my stuff. I first got on tv when my card turned because my sisters all survived as well. 3 people arent supposed to survive, thats odds of 1 out of 100000 I think?

One of my sisters can help but my other, Maggie is married with a child. I understand her reasons for wanting to stay in michigan.

But Im ready to go. It took me all night and afternoon but I figured out how to hook my anti-g thing and my deflector shields to the f-86 i bought from south africa. Maybe we dont' have teleporters but I can get us across the ocean like we were the turtle. My sister Laurie has been sending out emails--interested persons can meet us at Dexter-huron metropark north of ann arbor. we are goign to get some shut-eye and live at 6 am, please everybody who can come

Angie Forrester
Ann Arbor, michigan

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