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April 11, 2008



Glad UR havin a good time, Andrew. At least someone should whil all this insanity is happening.

Sorry 4 the typos & text-words, folks, Im typing with my lucite sticks when I postd this. Ive had a hard couple of days.

No word of The Highwayman yet, but Ive asked some folks to put the word out discreetly to find out of he's still alive/operating.

Reactions here on Long Island R getting somewhat bad. Groups of nat racist bastards hav targeted muslim & muslim-percieved busnesses & homes and started causeing property dammmage & assaults. There isnt much of a joker community here, maybe less than a few dozen, but theyre being attacked too. I went out on watch last night & found a bunch of high-school punks messing with a local joker grandmom, Granny Prune, when she was coming back from her daughter's. Haveing a 8ft tall bat-winged dragon drop in made one lose control of his bowels & run, but another idiot pulled a gun. Like I said before, my skin's tough, but those damn things still hurt. He got three shots off before one bullet broke a nearby window. They called the cops but I got Granny out of there.

My back is so sore, I could barely get out of bed. I had to cancel my Jokertown Clinic appointment for tomorrow. I'm back to mostly human, but my feet are like before--2 toes on each--& I got a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies as a reward. I called Granny's daughter & made sure from now on she has an escort.

Attacks on local jokers are on the rise. This is getting out of hand.


Yeah... things have gone from great party in the Phillie area to the opposite.. but I guess thats normal around here. Some [bleep]es drove by the house and tried to shoot out the windows or something. Thankfully its a run from the outer gates to the house so they missed. So they decided to climb the outer fences to come in... where they met some old retired Joker's Brigade members who have been doing guard duty here.. Mom kept sending them home, but I guess they just went "Stealth Recon" as Harry says. The police found the guys pig-tied and shaved in the back of their truck.. gibbering about monsters..

I think Debra was telling Mom about some other attacks this morning when she came to pick her up. After last night, Mom's getting driven into work by Debra and this big guy who looks like a minotaur with nubbed off horns (I guess to fit in the SUV). The tutor has quit, but we have one of old Sergeants keeping us out of trouble. Harry is doing pushups and situps for hacking the TV blocker to watch the news. Emily of course has him wrapped around her fingers.. so they are watching Telletubbies again. I have my 20 minutes of computer time to just see whats up.

I hope you get better soon BookWyrm. Mom told me to say that when everything gets a lower level of chaos she wants to invite you and your family down or for us to come up if possible. Uncle Eddie was a lot different this year versus just reading his SciFi and molting.

Anyway.. I don't know what else to say... and Sarge has said my time is up.


Holy crap... I just got some satellite pictures reviewed and it looks like there is a lot of fighting on the dams in the last 24 hours. If those things go... everyone from there to Alexandria is going to be wiped out.

I wish I could get real time detail on this.. but its old data. Going back to sorting 400 gibibytes of data...


Thank your mom for the invite, but I doubt we'll be doing any travelling for a while. My dad lent me his massaging carseat-pad & it's helped ease my back.
My dad has called a few of his old contacts in both the Nassau & Suffolk County Auxiliary Police dept.'s & if things do get hinky, we've got back-up.

Captain James Repinsky (U.S. Army, Ret.)


I don't know any of you guys (since I am a nat and was never in the Joker Brigades) but I thought since I was an old soldier myself we'd have plenty of common ground to cover.

I bet this site is getting most of its hits from either Kent County or Washtenaw County, Michigan, because the news media's picked up on the fact that Angie Forrester had posted here prior to taking off with a planeload of aces for Africa. The Forresters are pretty well known in Grand Rapids and in Ann Arbor, so it's not much of a shock that the local media would pick up on it.

Being an old career military man, I like to keep up with these things. It looks like her plane violated Algerian airspace, I think it was. They sent out the AAF (probably Migs or Su-30s, I figure) and forced them to land, but it looks like the local caliphphiles were out in force at the airport.

I don't know what's happening now, but that "cannon" the young girl mentioned the badger carrying was a M61 Vulcan Minigun. There's footage on Youtube of how that played out--a huge badger facing down a few hundred radicals with a handheld cannon. Guys in the front weren't willing to rush him, but it was too bad some of them in the middle wanted marytrdom. You'll note that the badger didn't have to do jack--the confusion and the stampede must have killed God knows how many.

Well, Michigan is watching.

J. Repinsky,
Muskegon, MI


Yeah what the guy said Michigan is watching!!!!

And mostly were watching you Wild Fox!!!!!

If you ever get to do those things where they make celebrities go to towns and sign stuff be sure to come to west Michigan! Because some of us are wild for Wild Fox!!!!!!

Who needs Drummer Boy?????

Yours whenever U want,


Sorry to hear that Angie's team didn't make all the way across. I think that the Fortune's team really needed them. From what I can see with the latest photos.. one of the dams is breached... not the biggest but enough to send a couple of feet of water down the Nile. It looks this has caused the Caliph's army on the Eastern side to now have to try the higher dam.. which if it breaches.. will really do a number on Egypt.

The worst story from the sat pictures is that all the Islands that were being used as refuges North of the Dam have been wiped clean. I think HardHat was somewhere around there because one of the sat pictures show those glowing beams before the dam burst and then nothing. I am collating 100's of corpse like images to the North..


On other news.. I found what looks like a crashed plane about 3 miles south of a village in the Sudan. I can't see anything beyond a long line of recent wreckage. The village is standing while the ones to the south are gone... so I think this is where the guys did their fighting. There are bodies all around there and lots of buzzards and jackals (I guess its hard to tell at 20cm/pixel resolution). I have let the Canadian unit know so they can relay that to any other rescue teams. The Sudanese government is all uppity that there are foreign troops in their country and have refused to let any official help from Chad or the Central African Republic...

I am hoping that Radio Free Alicia or someone will be able to help on an extraction now that the interferance is gone. Beyond that.. I am running on empty... too much data and cycles... going to go crash into my meat bag..

Radio Free Alicia

BlackBox, I got your transmission. We are set for the coordinates, and ready to aid the extraction.

We believe we may be being followed, though. One of the guys in our group has binocular vision, and when we last landed for a refueling, he spotted someone on horseback over the horizon, just standing there. We weren't able to tell if he was one of the Janjaweed (either the nats on horseback or the Ace constructs), but if you've got anyone on the ground at the village, tell them to load up for when we land. Our first priority is getting the refugees out.


Sorry.. for the late reply... I am actually typing this right now versus being jacked in. Too much cpu/net time I guess.. I have let the Canadian's know, and they are ready for extraction. Please be careful.



Mom let us watch some news this morning.. the fat is really in the fire. They showed the footaged from Algiers and Harry got in trouble for calling it "Sick" which he would have gotten away if Debra hadn't clued Mom on modern lingo. He is out back cleaning the stalls again... at this rate he's going to end up a Joker with giant horse-shovel hands or something.

The news had some talking head named Zappa something on this morning talking about world events and what the US could do about it. I guess he was some relative of another Zappa since they were all talking about "What would General Zappa have done in this " Zoned out until they mentioned that both the Algerian and Sudanese governments have called for protection from the Caliphate due to invasions from American forces they were saying. The Egyptians had already done so which is what's going on at those dams. They were talking about how this could mean that the Caliphate will span all of northern Africa and the Middle East, and some ambassador was praising their new Caliph for doing what his father was unable to do.. I had to turn it off after that as if killing Joker babies was praiseworthy.

Dad was a real [bleep] last night. Calls up and says "I saw all the fuss on the TV at your place, why don't you come and spend the week here with me and Nancy..." It only took 2 days of news for him to call, and if he is with Nancy again.. its going to be nothing but a week of trying 'holistic' and 'chelation' crap to purge me of my virus. Dad's sure its Uncle Eddie's fault that we are all 'positive' and if we only take the treatments we will be free of it. Ugh. Well I am going to get off the computer and help Harry. Don't want him to end up with the name of Droppings or something.

Charlie, QueenOfSpace


Ok not much good news at the moment. I got an email from BlackBox's mom that he is in the hospital.. his body rots when he gets out of it and well he was out of it for a while.. they are going to have to amputate some things. And some CNN talking head said that if the Aces in Egypt lose, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and Algiers will probably join the Caliphate as either countries or confederate states... The Sudanese government is planning some news conference tomorrow about some illegal combatants they caught who will show that this was a British/American invasion of their country.

On the good news, Harry did not grow shovel arms after cleaning out the horse stalls.. nor did he grow a donkey's head (or other end :)). He is currently working with some of the Joker's Brigade on a bigger treehouse... so he is out of mom's hair. I am going to go take Emily for a ride. Later.


Sorry, it's been a hectic couple of days since I was last here.
More anti-joker attacks, but the police have stepped up their patrols. It's not easy trying to get around when you look like....well, what I look like when I'm wearing my other skin (as another reptilian-joker once told me), but so far, no real problems. A few places left thier dogs out, but fortunately whatever it is that makes most pets comfortable around me still works. But I'd hate to see the looks on some homeowner's faces when they try to figure out the size 15 raptor-prints in the backyard. :rolleyes:

QoS: I hope your Uncle Eddie is OK. With all that's going on, I worry about him, even though we haven't met. I'm also glad your family is safe for the moment.

Well, I'm off for now. Some of the wild cards & their families are hosting a pot-luck gathering & I was asked to be there. I'm making sure my folks will be staying home & my brothers' will keep an eye on things.

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