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April 16, 2008



Well said, Mr. Jones, well said. *applause*


Dear Mr Hammer.

You actually made a lot of sense. My major guess was that going over to Egypt was also making a decision to choose one side or another of a losing decision. You go over and beat up killers and you are the Westerner exploiting the 3rd world by hurting others. You don't go over and beat up the killers and you are the Westerner exploiting the 3rd world by doing nothing.

I could say its no win situation that you get stuck in because of where you were born, what color your skin is, or what way the virus decided to turn. But Uncle Eddie always said that no matter what the game, you are only a loser if you don't play to your best. [Which sounds really hokey here or when I lost in 2nd grade kick-ball.]

Anyway, Mom says thankyou for fixing her car when it broke down in 1994 in NYC. She didn't know anyone, it was 2am and she was really afraid because of all the stories about NYC (versus good old safe Phillie hahahaha). Your guys tow truck showed up when she called and fixed up the car. And you made sure she got to a Hotel. She says that you are a real gentleman and Harry and I should be more like you.

Charlie, Queen of Space.

Angie Forrester and Laurie Forrester

Angie and Laurie here.

Well our little attempt at heroism got out of control, I guess it's our fault for not screening our recruits very well.

I've never thought of myself as flying over the ocean to beat up third world people, but as a joker i am not able to look at the muslim thing objectively I will admit. I wanted to save people like me from sadists and bigots and if you think these pogroms in africa aren't as bad as advertised, your totally wrong.

Africa is so hot and its much worse when your in a hi-humidity area. It doesn't pay to have fur.

AND this is Laurie: for my part I will face whatever consequences our actions have; I will allow the United States to levy whatever legal sanctions it will against me for interfering in a foreign nation. I took part in this mission of my own free will. I thought like Curveball and all the rest that my ace was best used in the defense of the helpless.

--Angela Lynn Forrester
Laura Elaine Forrester,
Ssese Islands, Uganda

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